Magic Gel's New Magic Wands

octobre 04, 2018

Hello lovelies!
I'm back after a while and I have something really exciting for you guys! I came back from a family trip to some amazing nail mail from Magic Gel System and guess what was in it! Their brand new Advance Brush Set!

This set, on top of being super aesthetically pleasant in this cute little box, comes with five brushes that you'll get tons of use of! Let's start from top to bottom.

The first one is ''Flawless Sculpting #6''. If you guys follow my Instagram page @kayspolish you have probably seen me using the ''Flawless Sculpting #7'', well this one is the same but smaller to fit smaller nails and believe me, this can be SO convenient! I use this brush a ton for sculpting extensions and for painting a whole nail with gel paints. Then we have ''Abstract Fantasy #3'' which is absolutely perfect for some funky designs Picasso style. Followed by ''Calligraphy Art #2'' which I am super thrilled about because I really want to try old English letters designs and I now have the perfect brush for it! The fourth brush is ''Stunning Flowers #2'' which will help you create small flowers in no time. To finish with ''Perfect Dot #00'' which will always give you the flawless circular dots you've been wanting to create.

You want my honest opinion? Here it is. If you are someone who likes to push the limits of art on the small canvases that are our nails, these tools will definitely make your life a whole lot easier and happier! I have used Magic Gel brushes before and the quality of their brushes is amazing and it is no different with this new brush set!

Hope you liked this short review of these new magic wands from Magic Gel System and please let me know which one of these you think you'd use the most in the comment section below!

Love, K.

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