This Hand Is So Real!

août 24, 2018

Hi lovelies and so sorry for being so MIA lately!
But I am back for good now and I am bringing you something super exciting... My review of Red Iguana's realistic practice hand!
The first thing I have to say is WOW... If you don't already own it, you NEED this hand in your life! So many times I wanted to film a tutorial for a cute nail art design I had in mind but I didn't because I didn't want to ruin my manicure... and then I sometimes still decided to do a tutorial on false nail tips but we have to admit it is not the same! Or just to try out a new design you have in mind... You never really know 100% how your idea will look unless it's on a hand well now you can do this without having to do it on yourself or have someone coming in for it. Ok, now to the review itself, but first, let me put a picture right here.

I mean, look at all the details!!! I truly have never seen something this real. What I think I love the most as well is how you can place the fingers in different positions. It is amazingly practical when you want to take pictures of your art which I often do. Unless you know, the chances are people seeing your pictures will think you took a picture of someone's hand.

I am truly thankful to have this hand to practice as it gives you the practice that will be the most similar to working on someone's hands and once you'll work on real hands you'll have mastered the technique and come up with perfection!
April of Red Iguana was also kind enough to provide me with a discount code to share with you guys so you can save some money! The code is KAYSPOLISH and can be used on everything from Red Iguana's website.

Hope this review was helpful to you!
Love, K.

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