Throw Back To My ESI Nails

mai 17, 2018

Hi loves and happy Thursday!
Today I thought I could go back a couple weeks and share my ESI mani with you guys. I have to say I was completely out of my comfort zone here. Freehand lines like these are not my forte but I still had to give it a try. I think it's a good way to go forward in life in general, when you take on some challenges and step out of your comfort zone. This is how we learn and become better! Am I not right?

So for this set, I started by painting my thumb, pointer and pinky with Bio Seaweed Gel's 'Victoria' and my middle finger with 'Kandi Yamz', also from them. (Ok before I go on every polish and tool I will mention are all from Bio Seaweed Gel.) For the flowers I used the REVOLUTIONARY 'Artiste' and on my thumb, ring finger and pinky I painted the flowers using again the color 'Kandi Yamz' and their Liner#1 brush. Once I was satisfied with how much the petals had spread, I cured and used the color 'Berry Sweet' for the interior of the petals with the same liner brush but without 'Artiste'. Then the last step, was the black lines and dots. These I all did using the same liner brush, the color 'Sarah' and a random dotting tool I had in my drawer (that one not from BSG). Top it all with their fabulous 'No-Wipe Top' and Voila!

Hope you liked this look, because I'll be back very soon with more!

Love, K.

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