New CJS Got Plaid? Plate

mai 24, 2018

Hey loves,

     Looking for the perfect plate to do lines and plaid designs? I FOUND IT! The Original Clear Jelly Stamper just came out with this PERFECT stamping plate for it! It's cute little name is ''Got Plaid?''

     So for the base shade, I used Ella&Mila's ''Holiday Fling'' from their Elite collection. Now for the stamping I obviously used Clear Jelly Stamper's ''Got Plaid?'' plate, but also two of their amazing stamping polishes; #56 (Salted Caramel) and #66 (Petal Princess). Oh and as always my one and only Big Bling stamper from them as well. What I love the most about their plates, in particular, is you can combine several images with different colours together and make one whole, like I did here in this look. If you haven't tried their products yet you definitely are missing out!

     Hope you liked it! Let me know in the comments what you'd like to see next! (I also linked all the products I used directly on their names)

Love, K.

Don't forget to use my code KAYSPOLISH on Clear Jelly Stamper's website for 10% off.

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