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mai 09, 2018

Hey loves,

I had been on the hunt for the perfect solution for my small round stamping plates to be kept all in the same place for a long while now. Going through all the different tiny round stamping plates holders was just driving me nuts. Now do not get me wrong, the small holders are really good and I loved using them but with the number of plates I had it just wasn't the right solution for me anymore.

As most of you guys already know, I have recently started a collaboration with Bundle Monster and they sent over my way this absolutely cute stamping plates holder and with that, they ended my small plates storage issues! 
First things, I love how classy this holder looks with the leathery-snake-skin texture on the outside... and for having tried different holders like that, I have to mention the zipper... BEST QUALITY I'VE SEEN! As opposed to the others I have tried, I am not stressed that the zipper will break as I fill the holder with plates. Some I've tried have many slots to put plates in but then won't close when I fill them in.
Now this particular holder can hold up to 156 small round plates if you put plates on both sides and will close perfectly and also your plates will not slip out. On the other side of the pages, there is no opening though so that is something maybe could be good for them to do but seriously it is a small detail as this holder is truly amazing... I would highly recommend it without a doubt!
Hope you liked this review,

Love, K.

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