Let's play with full cover tips

mars 06, 2018

Hi lovelies,

so a while ago I got myself some full cover nail tips and a holder with the idea to start doing some press-on sets.. but I abandoned this idea and then I figured I could just use them for fun, as baby is asking his mama's arms every 15 minutes, swatching just became a whole lot harder! hehe

So here is, I decided it was now perfect to let my creativity loose, but on these nail tips instead of on my nails. This way, I can stop at any time, without having to ruin the work when baby Jake wakes up in crisis.

I did not think I was going to like it that much but I kind of like the result a LOT! <3

Products used:
So for this set, I first started by polishing all the nails using Bio Seaweed Gel's ''Whitehorse'' Unity gel. Then I used Clear Jelly stamper's ''Scholastic'' plate to create this Romeo&Juliet/Theater design. I stamped the letters using their ''Teal or No Deal'' stamping polish and in the shades ''Shiraz!'' and ''More Like 1 AM'' for the masks.

Please let me know how you like it!

Love, K.

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