V Day Hearts And New Clear Chrome

février 14, 2018

Hey loves,

     So a couple days ago I got an amazing package for review from the sweet Christy of Sparkle & Co. and there are some exciting news here and I'll tell you about it while showing you the last mani I did using her products from A to Z.

     So first things first, I used one coat of her base gel, to continue with her gel color #18 which is A MA ZING! One coat of thig gorgeous red and you are DONE! (Of course I protected it with a coat of her No-Wipe top coat)

Now I was super excited to try the new Clear Chrome and loved it! It adds this discreat, yet beautiful effect! This time around I tried it over red, but I am still super curious to try it over many more colors! <3 So here is the result.

     ...and time for the big news which I am super excited about it, Sparkle & Co. will now be having stamping plates and supply! Now I got to try one this week along with the stamper that is available on the website and I loved it! For stamping I used her black and white regular polish which worked fine, along with their stamper which I have to say works amazingly! So here it is, little V day hearts for you guys.

Hope you liked this look,

Love, K.

You can use my code KAYSPOLISH for 15% off your next Sparkle & Co. purchase. <3



février 03, 2018

Good morning nail lovers...

Today I really felt like sharing with you something that comes from the very bottom of my heart... I was chatting with a friend about this and then thought I would share with you too... by "this" I mean BRANDS.

Great ones, least great ones, the first thing to know a brand is to try it, work with it, play with it! ...because first impressions are not always true to the product itself. Take huge brands for example, that are all over distribution stores, all over the media and important magazines or events. A lot of them even get important prizes... but are they really the best or is it only an image? After speaking to many nail professionals and trying many brands myself, I can tell you that the most mediatised products or brands aren't always the best and even to some extent sometimes not liked at all.

Now the product is THE big chunk of a brand of course but to judge it we gotta take many things into consideration. For me, first comes health. I don't want to be there worrying about if being exposed to the products I use on me or other people with cause reactions or will be harmful in any way. If the smell of it will be bad for my baby who will pretty soon be walking around while I do my nails etc. Then you don't want to spend your money on products that will either not last or will be hard to work with. That is all part of the quality of a product... and you also want the brand you'll invest in to have a large variety of colours to choose from (in the case of a nail polish brand) not to HAVE to get different brands to have all the colours you want. Also, some brands will lose their main focus and divide their energy into so many different products that the quality or other details might get lost in the way... Not that they will deliver a bad product, don't get me wrong, but the ones having their focus very clear will most likely end up giving better overall quality.

...but the product (even if of course VERY important) is not everything in a brand as opposed to what some people may think. The PEOPLE behind a brand mean the world to me! I have had opportunities to swatch for some brands that I have turned over because I wasn't feeling it with the people or how they did things, even if I knew their products were probably great and wanted to try them. The PEOPLE behind a brand are the ones who make the whole brand worth it! They are the reason people come back to their store or purchase from them again and again. They are the ones who make us WANT to keep working with their products and themselves. They will treat you like the person you are, see your full potential, take pride in helping you with genuine advice and do everything in their power to make you happy. To me, this is what counts the most!

This being said, you guys know that I have tried and keep trying MANY brands, and do not worry, the reviews I give you are always 100% honest! ...but many many times while speaking with my husband about it, I have told him; if for some reason I would have to narrow down the number of brands I work with to two, even if many of them have good products and amazing people behind them, it would take me less than two seconds to choose!

The two brands I would choose have, together, EVERYTHING I need to be happy. They both have their focus extremely clear and dear to their heart and this allows them to really deliver THE best products to people all over the world! Their products are everything to them because they give their heart and soul to it... and they have truly AMAZING people behind them!

Want to know who they are? Well, here they go!

First one is a gel polish brand that I have worked with for over a year now and they are the only brand I offer to my family and friends when they want me to do their nails. It's a brand with whose products I KNOW people won't get bad reactions with. It's a brand who has so many colours that I could never NEED to go pick in another brand to have the colours I want. Their products are of an astonishing quality, stay for a long time, even have vitamins in them to help your nails getting stronger... and I could keep going forever like that, but what I have to say is that the PEOPLE behind the brand now have become like family to me and I am not exaggerating at all! I am in contact with them on an everyday basis now and not only to talk about nails but to talk about just anything and seriously my life would not be complete without it! You know it, I am talking about Bio Seaweed Gel!

Then comes a stamping brand, because gosh you know how much I LOVE stamping... This brand started with one person who was feeling she didn't have every tool she needed to fulfil her work and she invented something that now tons of brands have because her idea was truly wise and conquered the world. She made stamping so much easier! The products of that brand have an AMAZING quality and every single time I use them I know everything will go smoothly and as expected. The stamper I cannot go without comes from that brand, the stamping polishes are both healthy and THE most efficient I have tried so far and the plates, oh the gorgeous plates make me look like a pro at doing nails! What is also SUPER important to my eyes is that the lady who founded that brand and invented these amazing products, even if her brand became huge, she is the most simple and sweet person and I love chatting with her... You probably guessed it, I am talking about Clear Jelly Stamper!

Now I know this article was a lot of talking and if you have read it all, THANK YOU! I know this was quite long but I felt like I needed to share this with you guys because these two brands deserve all these paragraphs and much MUCH more! I don't only like those brands and their people I love them and hold them very dear to my heart! I will be forever thankful to them for many reasons, among them, making me believe in my potential and talent, helping me build up my self-confidence!

Love, K.
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