Valentine's Hearts

janvier 24, 2018

So here it is... I think this is my fave. I haven't done so many valentine's day manicures in my life but still, this is the one I prefer of them all. I just adore how it turned out! It is not something out of this world, but sometimes I think simple things can be beautiful!

So to get into details, I first went on with Bio Seaweed Gel's 3Step colour ''Sweetie'' and gave it two coats (Also used their Stronger base and No-Wipe top). As you can see on the image on the left, I could have left it like that and it would have been beautiful but y'all know how much I like stamping!

That being said, next step I took Clear Jelly Stamper's small square plate called ''Layers Of Love''. The inside of the hearts I stamped them using their stamping polish #55 ''Pomegranate Pop'' and the contour I did it with their polish #02 ''Jenny's Gonna Love It''. Everything of course was stamped with their Big Bling XL stamper which if you have read my previous posts, you know is THE best stamper I have tried so far! <3

Little bit of me sharing my thoughts here...

A while ago it would have taken me for EVER  to reverse stamp these little hearts in order to colour the inside but thanks to Debbie (Of Clear Jelly Stamper) , we now have access to amazing layered plates which makes it super easy to get an even better result than with the reverse stamping technique, and in NO TIME. Seriously I have to say I am very grateful for that, makes me so proud to be Canadian!  <3

Anyways, hope you liked this cute little V day mani!
Love, K.
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