Valentine's Hearts

janvier 24, 2018

So here it is... I think this is my fave. I haven't done so many valentine's day manicures in my life but still, this is the one I prefer of them all. I just adore how it turned out! It is not something out of this world, but sometimes I think simple things can be beautiful!

So to get into details, I first went on with Bio Seaweed Gel's 3Step colour ''Sweetie'' and gave it two coats (Also used their Stronger base and No-Wipe top). As you can see on the image on the left, I could have left it like that and it would have been beautiful but y'all know how much I like stamping!

That being said, next step I took Clear Jelly Stamper's small square plate called ''Layers Of Love''. The inside of the hearts I stamped them using their stamping polish #55 ''Pomegranate Pop'' and the contour I did it with their polish #02 ''Jenny's Gonna Love It''. Everything of course was stamped with their Big Bling XL stamper which if you have read my previous posts, you know is THE best stamper I have tried so far! <3

Little bit of me sharing my thoughts here...

A while ago it would have taken me for EVER  to reverse stamp these little hearts in order to colour the inside but thanks to Debbie (Of Clear Jelly Stamper) , we now have access to amazing layered plates which makes it super easy to get an even better result than with the reverse stamping technique, and in NO TIME. Seriously I have to say I am very grateful for that, makes me so proud to be Canadian!  <3

Anyways, hope you liked this cute little V day mani!
Love, K.
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Pinky-Glittery Valentine's Mani

janvier 19, 2018

Hey loves, I am back with a pink mani, being the first Valentine's day mani for this year. You might have seen it on my Instagram or my YouTube channel but hey... better late than never. I know normal Valentine's day manis include red colours but I felt more like pink so here it is!

First off, I painted all the nails with Icing from Bio Seaweed Gel and covered the last two fingers in Purple Passion by them as well. ...and then, of course, comes the stamping. The plate I used is ''Layers Of Love'' by Clear Jelly Stamper along with their Big-5 Free stamping polishes and Big Bling XL stamper which is my all time fave! As simple as that!

Love, K

Ps: Here I'll leave you to the tutorial I did of it.

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