Girly Snow Day

novembre 29, 2017

Hey loves,

               did some fun nail art yesterday and just felt like sharing it with you! Like some of you might have noticed, in some places in Canada (like here in QC)... we got our first real snow this week so it got me into a snowflake mood. I just put my hands in the drawer and came up what came up.

               For the base shade, I used Bio Seaweed Gel's ''Rosebud'' from their 3Step line. Of course, along with their Base-1 base coat and No Wipe top coat. Then I started playing with stamping. I did a first coat of snowflakes using Clear Jelly Stamper's ''Sweet Baby Rose'' with different shapes of snowflakes from their ''Diamonds In Ice'' stamping plate... I mean, LOOK at the gorgeous details! Then I went on and gave it another coat of stamping with the same snowflakes (slightly next to the first coat) but with the BEST white stamping polish on the planet; ''Jenny's Gonna Love It'', also from Clear Jelly Stamper. Now I could have let it like this but wanted a little bit more of holo sparkles so I went on and added some tiny little details with Bio Seaweed Gel's ''Whimsical''. 

Hope you liked this little piece of art... hehe I was kind of proud of myself!
Love, K.

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