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août 29, 2017

Not long ago I did a post about the amazing nail mail I got from Clear Jelly Stamper which literally made me fall in love with this brand! Plus, I will never say it enough... Debbie, the founder of Clear Jelly Stamper is amazing and you are always sure you'll get an AMAZING customer service with her.

Now that I had some more time to play with the goodies a bit more... I could see that even more than I thought before, possibilities are really endless! When they say you get designs on your nails just like a professional painter would do with no effort or time... It is no exaggeration at all. I could never imagine having such detailed and flawless designs on my nails, so easily. That is the beauty of their layered stamping plates...

Now let's take a look at a couple of examples I came up with so far...

See how you can make everything look just like a perfect famous painter's reproduction? That is what you can expect from your own self with these products...

I could keep talking about it for a long time but what you really want to do is to try it!

Have a great day loves!
Xx   K.

Direct link to the Clar Jelly Stamper store:

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