An App To Organise Your Polish Collection

août 21, 2017

Disclaimer: This article goes to all of you polish addicts like me who, according to others, have way too many nail polishes, even though we know we never have enough ;) hehe. 

          We all started with almost nothing and could remember by heart every single shade we owned, but let's be honest, the stash is growing and memory can fail when you want to remember the shades you have or not. To my great surprise, thanks to a nail friend, a couple days ago, I came across the ''SNUPPS'' app. The perfect platform to organise and have easy access to your whole polish collection!

          I was really not sure about it until I really started to put my collection up on it. You can create different shelves to sort your shades by brand or collection or however you want, then get all the shades in order inside their shelf. Another thing you can do, which I like, is you can follow fellow nail addicts and see their whole polish collection too. 

         Personally, I got my shelves organised mainly by brands, or brand and lines. I also started listing my stamping plates. I also think it is greatly satisfying to be able to see your whole collection altogether instead of having to only see each part of it in its respective drawer. hehe. What's amazing is when you want to order new goodies, it is easier and faster to see which ones you already have or not, to make sure you don't order doubles. Another great feature is it can be accessed both from your computer and your cellphone.

I'm telling you, give it a try!!! It's a great app!!!

Love, K.

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