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août 29, 2017

Not long ago I did a post about the amazing nail mail I got from Clear Jelly Stamper which literally made me fall in love with this brand! Plus, I will never say it enough... Debbie, the founder of Clear Jelly Stamper is amazing and you are always sure you'll get an AMAZING customer service with her.

Now that I had some more time to play with the goodies a bit more... I could see that even more than I thought before, possibilities are really endless! When they say you get designs on your nails just like a professional painter would do with no effort or time... It is no exaggeration at all. I could never imagine having such detailed and flawless designs on my nails, so easily. That is the beauty of their layered stamping plates...

Now let's take a look at a couple of examples I came up with so far...

See how you can make everything look just like a perfect famous painter's reproduction? That is what you can expect from your own self with these products...

I could keep talking about it for a long time but what you really want to do is to try it!

Have a great day loves!
Xx   K.

Direct link to the Clar Jelly Stamper store:  https://www.clearjellystamper.com/


An App To Organise Your Polish Collection

août 21, 2017

Disclaimer: This article goes to all of you polish addicts like me who, according to others, have way too many nail polishes, even though we know we never have enough ;) hehe. 

          We all started with almost nothing and could remember by heart every single shade we owned, but let's be honest, the stash is growing and memory can fail when you want to remember the shades you have or not. To my great surprise, thanks to a nail friend, a couple days ago, I came across the ''SNUPPS'' app. The perfect platform to organise and have easy access to your whole polish collection!

          I was really not sure about it until I really started to put my collection up on it. You can create different shelves to sort your shades by brand or collection or however you want, then get all the shades in order inside their shelf. Another thing you can do, which I like, is you can follow fellow nail addicts and see their whole polish collection too. 

         Personally, I got my shelves organised mainly by brands, or brand and lines. I also started listing my stamping plates. I also think it is greatly satisfying to be able to see your whole collection altogether instead of having to only see each part of it in its respective drawer. hehe. What's amazing is when you want to order new goodies, it is easier and faster to see which ones you already have or not, to make sure you don't order doubles. Another great feature is it can be accessed both from your computer and your cellphone.

I'm telling you, give it a try!!! It's a great app!!!

Love, K.


Getting The Carnival Onto Your Nails.

août 16, 2017

          A while ago I got some amazing Bio Seaweed Gel nail mail and in it was this amazingly colorful collection which was last summer's collection but is still completely on trend and has the perfect Summer shades. Yup, you guessed it, I am talking about the Carnival collection.

          If you are following a couple nail artists on Instagram you cannot not know about the amazing and super talented nail tech Kandi Yamz, who is the artist who collaborated on this collection. If you are not following her yet, you absolutely want to go see her work! ( @kandiyamz )

          The colors of the collection are part of the Bio Seaweed Gel Unity line which has both base and top coat included into it and it also is made with the Solarcure technology which allows the gels to cure under direct sunlight... Isn't it fun? ...and let's not forget the fact that these polishes, just like all the BSG products, are harsh chemicals free and safe for your kiddies to be around. Now without waiting one more second, here are the swatches of the beautiful colors of the Carnival collection.

Don't forget if you want to get you Bio Seaweed Gel goodies with 10$ discount, use my code KAYSPOLISH on their website www.shopbioseaweedgel.ca (No minimum purchase).
Pros also get a free top coat by using my code with any order of 100$ or more.

Hope you liked it!
Love, K.


Pure Canadian Amazingness !

août 09, 2017

          At the moment when you think you have tried all types of products and that you now have found your favorite ones... Well, let me tell you another brand came in to break all the records! I am talking about the one and only Clear Jelly Stamper!

          I tried it for the first time a couple weeks ago and I have to say they are an absolute game changer! Not only do they have amazing products, which I will show you in a second, but what makes Clear Jelly Stamper even more special is that they, or should I say Debbie Duxbury, is the one who invented the technology of clear head nail stampers as well as the layered stamping plates which allow to create amazing colored images without having to use a reverse stamping technique which is very time-consuming and I personally am really bad at it.

          As a Canadian nail artist, I cannot help but take pride in the fact that such an amazing product came out of a Canadian mind!

          Now let's get to the nail mail I was absolutely BLESSED to receive from the lovely Debbie. When I got my haul, I did this small video to show the beautiful goodies I got from her and I am sure you will love them as much as I do!

First are the super beautiful and colorful stamping polishes that you can get in two different formats out of Clear Jelly Stamper's website ( www.clearjellystamper.com ) they have all the colors both in 5ml or 10ml and they are really affordable and of an incredibly good quality! On top of that, these stamping polishes are Big 5 Free so no harsh chemicals in them and I am not scared to use them with baby boy in my belly. <3

The colors are the following:

- #1 ''More Like One AM''
- #2 ''Jenny's Gonna Love It!''
- #5 ''Wild Child''
- #8 ''You Are My Sunshine''
- #10 ''Gotta Be Blue
- #11 ''Dolla Dolla Bill'' 
- #12 ''Glee Tree Green''
- #16 ''Shiraz!''
- #22 ''Clementine''
- #35 ''Paula's Pixie Purple''
- #37 ''Caribbean Dream''
- #41 ''Sweet Baby Rose''

          Then come the cute small square and bigger rectangular layered plates. Here the one word you want to remember is ''layered'' which means these plates will let you get the result of a flawless reverse stamping without the time-wasting and the high chances of smudging the whole thing. That is what makes these plates so amazing and unique because personally I haven't seen others like that and I love them! In other words, Clear Jelly Stamper has the solution to easy and
perfect nail art results.

Plates are the following:

- CJS V-04 (Layers Of Love)
- CJS-35 (Sunshine)
- CJSLC-09 (Oh Canada)
- CJSLC-13 (Rose's Floral Garden) - Collab with Thalia's Nail Tales
- CJS-38 (Tropical)

          Next up. The ''Holy Grail'' of stampers as a nail friend, Elena of @NailExperiments would say. The Big Bling XL stamper. Guys I am not exaggerating this stamper picks up perfectly EVERY, SINGLE, IMAGE! I am truly stunned at how amazing it is on top of being so pretty with the bottom of it full of jewels. 

Now this absolutely cute French mani double-sided brush.

          To finish with the BEAUTIFUL stamping plate holders... I mean who doesn't love some cute holo goodies! Here are the ''HoloGorgeous'' to hold the square plates and the ''HoloStunning'' to hold the large stamping plates. I have to say I love them both and most particularly the one for the large plates, for the way the plates get in there from the top and they do not slip out at all.

So here we are loves, I cannot say how grateful I am for this company and its products to exist as they are amazing and I do believe that once you go for them, you cannot go back. Hope this article helped you to know a bit more about Clear Jelly Stamper.

Love, K.

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