''No fake nails for me!'' - they say

juillet 27, 2017

     We have all heard that sentence from someone, even followed by the statement: ''They are beautiful but then my real nails end up being ruined!''. Just do not deny it, you or a friend have said that or still believe that... Even I remember saying that before having any nail and products knowledge. The purpose of this post is to explain why it happens and why it should not be true.

     The first thing to take into consideration is the nail prepping your nail tech will use. For example, if they drill your nail plates too much, well... it weakens your natural nails. Another thing is the products that are used. The more natural the better. In my own opinion, gel is the best option! Once you have your gorgeous nail extensions on, one of the biggest mistakes you can do is to start picking at them as soon as there is a little chip on it. THIS is what ruins your nails the most even if you have the best nail tech and the best products so, please... PROPER removal is key! Have your nail tech remove your precious extensions if you are not sure how to do it yourself. 

     Now back on the product. I know I always talk about the same but hey they are the best what can I do? Want the best and most importantly healthiest products on your nails? Then Bio Seaweed Gel is what you need to get! They really are THE healthiest option of all with no harsh chemicals and no glued tips. As pregnancy has my nails super weak and they break with nothing lately, just as they were the right length, two of my superstar nails broke down to the nailbed, meaning no swatches for like a month. You can guess it was a big no no! So I armed myself with my war instruments and got my magic builder X out.... Actually, this time I decided to use both the pink and clear builder X (first time trying it this way and love it!). For the two fingers I had to sculpt, I wanted a very natural look so I used the pink Builder X to build the tip of the nails and then the clear one for the rest and I have to say I am IMPRESSED! Nails look super natural and I know for a fact that the products I have on will not ruin my nails as long as removed properly! (ps: Do not mind my super transparent and yellowish pregnancy nails hehe just appreciate the wonders Builder X can do! )

That was all for this post lovelies! Hope you enjoyed and got something from it! 
Love, K.

You can get you builder X with 10$ off by using my code KAYSPOLISH on www.shopbioseaweedgel.com

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