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juillet 04, 2017

It is finally here and I finally got a little time to swatch them all!!! So as promised, I am bringing you the very last baby of my nail family Bio Seaweed gel, the Decadent Classics collection which, as mentioned before, contains eight beautiful colors inspired by the most popular women names along the last decades and interestingly enough, they are also names of the women in the amazing family who started BSG in the very first place.

So starting from the bottom center of the following image going like a clock, we have Hellen (#1001), Betty (#1002), Elaine (#1003), Patricia (#1004), Mary (#1005), Amy (#1006), Jessica (#1007) and Sarah (#1008). You can get yours directly by contacting me by email ( or on their website ( and either way, using my code KAYSPOLISH will make you save 10$  (or give you a little surprise if you're a pro).

Now let's get to the real swatches...

They are all creamy glossy shades that are to my complete happiness highly pigmented! So not a lot of coats are needed. Loving all these shades with all my heart! Hope you will too!

Love, K. <3

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