Artistic Nail Design ''BAYWATCH'' 2017 Collection

juillet 29, 2017

I know maybe some of you might have seen it already in the swatches page but just thought I'd make a small post of it here for those who haven't. So YES it took me time because school was crazy at the time I got this beautiful Artistic Nail Design collection and I had my head buried into piles and piles of grading. But here it is... the ''Baywatch'' collection which I have to say does go pretty well with the movie. Colorful and vivid, perfect for a summer collection. Also I'll give them an AWARD for the amazing names they gave to each shade... They are simply perfect!

To start from left to right, we have ''Resting Beach Face'', ''Off Duty'', ''Baes Of The Bay'', ''Little Red Suit'', ''Summer Crushin' '' to finish with ''Sun's Out, Buns Out'' !

Hope you love these shades as much as I do <3
Love, K.

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