Sparkle & Co. Gold Chrome Powder

mars 27, 2017

Good morning to all of you sparkly people of the nail world!
I have some great products to show you today! A couple days ago I had the chance to receive a sample of Sparkle & Co. Gold Chrome Powder and now is the moment to show you the result of it and I have to say it is gorgeously shiny.

Steps to follow:

1. Apply Sparkle & Co. base gel and cure.
2. Apply Sparkle & Co. Black gel color and cure.
3. Apply Sparkle & Co. Top gel and cure.
4. Clean the surface of your nails with rubbing alcohol.
5. Rub the gold chrome powder on the nails with the gel applicator.
6. Remove the excess powder with a small brush
7. Apply Sparkle & Co. Top gel and cure.

Now I want to make things clear as it is possible the you will not get that perfect shiny result at first and it is normal. The last 4 steps of the process might have to be done twice for a better and full coverage.

My final word about their gold chrome powder is that the result is amazing and it really is easy to apply. I really enjoyed using it!

Hope you liked it too!
Love, K.

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