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Nail Mail by Bio Seaweed Gel!

février 16, 2017

I have been a very lucky girl lately but I have to say I just received the BIGGEST and most AMAZING nail mail in the universe! I talked a lot with Hellen at Bio Seaweed Gel and she sent me this amazing package full of polishes and stunning goodies. Oh, by the way, sorry for my excessive use of the word amazing, nothing else comes to my mind, I literally have no words right now... I am just amazed by everything ... without forgetting that all their products are BIG 5 FREE, which means your nails won't stain, dehydrate or get weaker as it happens with many other products on the market. We can't really ask fro more can we? Having STUNNING nails and having them HEALTHY, I guess this has no price...

Since no words could even describe all this amazingness, I thought you'd like to see my new beauties in picture, so here they are!

The most amazing base and top coats on the planet are up here! I truly thought I had found the best gel base and top, but jeez these are... they stole the first place! They cure amazingly fast and they give a lot of strength to the nails. They adhere greatly to the nails and sweeties I have been wearing one of their gel colors along with these two for over a week now (On my right hand) and it is still as it was the very first day I did them.

Two things to say: These polishes are magic, and I love them! I am wearing Saturn right now and even my students are amazed by it. These are perfect and so easy to apply... alright just as all the Bio Seaweed Gel polishes. Haha. I could talk about it during so long but you really need to try them out to know for real.

Can't choose if you want gels or lacquers? Why not grabbing both? They can get you the matching color with both the 3 step gels and the lacquers and send it to you in a cute little box. This matching color is Sunrise. It is the perfect cherry red, full of gold shimmers which make it shine so beautifully! <3 If you wonder why people would want to have both the gel and the lacquer, I'll give you my idea of it. Think about your beautiful hands, and you feet.... most of the time people will chose to put gel polish on their hands and lacquer on their feet. Now you can do that and still have the matching color on both. Isn't it just great?

Now from Bio Seaweed Gel Unity All-In-One I got these four STUNNING colors; Toffee, Cinnamon, Tuxedo Blue and Toronto (See my instagram for the swatches, I'll post them soon on the blog as well). Girls that are in a rush? The Unity collection is the one you want get! No need for any base of top coat because they are all integrated to the polish. (You can still use them with it but it is not mandatory) On top of this, they also are the only gel polishes in the parket that dry under direct sunlight for the beauties who don't own a UV or LED light.

Beautiful soaking trays!!!

Here comes the most amazing LED light I have owned so far! The fact that it has no bottom makes it great because it is easier to use it either in different angles or for your feet as there is no chance for getting your nails ruined bit hitting them with the top when getting them into the light. This beauty also cures the polish really fast and it has a timer which makes it perfect so you can think about something else while the light tells you when your curing time is over. On top of all the amazingness, light turns on when you put you hand in and turns off when you take it out. I own a couple lamps and really this is THE one!

My Beautiful Beyond lacquers those colors are just GORGEOUS! I haven't tried them all on yet but as I said just before, the ones I have tried on are BEAUTIFUL and dry very fast. The name of those shades are: Jackpot, Lollipop, Granny Smith, Pool Party, Champagne, Evergreen, Periwinkle, Cool Blue, Hawai Blue, Dazed, Cherry Pie and Salmond Pink.

Base and top coat... mega fast drying for the Beyond lacquers.

They even sent me those cute sunglasses, perfect for summer days... Whenever summer will decide to come. Oh and ME... right there in the lens. 

And the cherry on top of the sunday... those BEAUTIFUL gems to decorate my nails! Sweeties you already know how much I LOVE my claws to be decorated!

I guess that now with the pictures you can understand how LUCKY I consider myself and seriously, I would tell you, they are from far the ones with THE best costumer service as it is a family business and all of that is very dear to their hearts!

I guess that little pinch of love is what makes their products the best! <3

born pretty store

The Luxurious Luxa Polish!

février 07, 2017

have you ever thought you've tried everything and that you know the best products on the market then from one moment to another, this amazing company comes up, lets you try its product and you just see you had NOT tried everything?

Well that is what just happened! I do have to say I am a lucky girl. I got in contact with Leah at Luxa Polish and she, as the sweetheart that she is, sent me a couple of amazing products to try on and to review, just for you!

I got got some GORGEOUS nail powders and gel polishes that I just can't wait to show you! In the package I got for swatching, I got 4 of the 10 beautiful chromey powders of the Oil Slick collection which all show an amazing color shifting. They just look amazingly flawless! I also got they famous Luxa Holo which is definitely THE best holographic powder I have tried so far! ...and you can believe me. To finish with their high quality gel duo; Luxa Shine and Luxa Matte. One gives you that perfect shiny finish and the other one gives you the PERFECT matte finish. The results with these polishes really get you manicures to the next level!

Also, if you are tempted to get those products, you don't have to wait anymore! Head to and use my code 'KAYSPOLISH' at checkout and get a 10% discount off your whole order. Be honest, who doesn't like discounts? haha.

I just can' wait to show you the swatches so here they are! Hope you'll like them!

1. ''Limeade Crush'' along with ''Luxa Shine''
    (Stamping done with Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-L005 and their green shimmery stamping polish)

2. ''Aurora Borealis'' along with ''Luxa Shine''
    (Stamping was done with Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-L005 and their golden stamping polish.)

3. ''Crimson Sky'' Along with ''Luxa Shine''.
    (Stamping was done with Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-L003 and their white stamping polish.)

4. ''Prismatic Charme'' along with both ''Luxa Matte'' and ''Luxa Shine''.

5. ''Luxa Holo'' along with ''Luxa Shine''.
    (Stamping was done with Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP77 and their black stamping polish.)

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