Mani Swap with an amazing nail artist!

janvier 25, 2017

'morning sweeties,
So today I didn't have any new nail art or review for you but I still felt like sharing something so I decided to share with you guys a Mani Swap I did with Erika, or @Rikkinails as you might know her, a while ago.

This was particularly a challenge and I think it is safe to say it was one for both of us, giving the fact that most of our nail art are not the same style at all. I am much more into stamping and she is amazing at freehand designs. I do have do say I hadn't done any freehand in a long time when I recreated her design and I really felt rusty on it.

So here's our recreations along with our originals!  Hope you'll like it!
Love, K.

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