Are gel polishes lifesavers?

janvier 20, 2017

'morning nail beauties!
In the last couple days I was happy to finally receive the one-step UV gels I had ordered from the Born Pretty Store. I ordered 3 mostly basic colors to start with and I can tell you I am not disappointed! I do think that most of us have busy lives and when it is time to paint our little canvas, ANYthing around can ruin any beautiful manicure, even if you've been doing it for hours. Life in general has no pity for nails that are not dry. If it is not a cat hair, you just ruin it all trying to put some order in the house... ANYthing can possibly go wrong when your nails are not dry. That is why I think more and more companies should go for creating gel polishes. They are from far THE most convenient polishes for a busy lifestyle, due to their magical dry time.
After trying Born Pretty gels, I do think that I am going for extending my gels collection. They look so pretty and flawless, and I even think they are easier to apply comparing to regular polishes.

For now, the polishes I got are the black (Item #24343), the white (Item #24316) and the gold (Item #24349) one-step UV gels. I haven't tried the white one yet, but I am thinking of growing my collection and sharing all the swatches with you guys.

...because I couldn't wit to try them out I came out with a very straight forward manicure and completed it with a simple stamping design, using the same company's gold stamping polish.
On that note, I leave you with these pictures, with and without the stamping, of the manicure.
...And to answer the question, gels are definitely lifesavers!

Love, K

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