Uber Mat and Its Wonders

janvier 26, 2017

'morning beautiful ladies!
A long while ago I got myself the famou Uber Mat by Uber Chic Beauty and since I seriously started nail art, it has always been laying there, under the mani craziness, receiving all the dirt and garbage coming out of all the inspiration and trial and error.
This week I happened to stop for a second and I just realized how amazing it actually is.
That is why I thought of doing my small review of it. If you don't feel like reading the whole text but still want to know my opinion about it, YOU CAN GO BUY IT RIGHT AWAY.

The most beautiful thing about it is that you do not have to worry about ANYTHING you can stamp, scrape, paint, splatter or do anything with the nail paint and acetone and nothing bad will happen to your furniture. Believe me when I say that I make a HUGE mess when I paint my nails, and I am sure I am not the only one.

It is perfect for revered stamping as you can see the images with no difficulty and the nail images on the mat makes it even easier the size the amount of polish needed.

That is my mat after a tiny little stamping and at that point I had already picked up all the garbage that was laying on it.

...and a couple acetone wipes and lint roller rolls later...It is back to looking like a brand new and unused one.

It doesn't take a single effort and the mat just saved your furniture. I do not even want to imagine the mess my table would look like if I didn't have my mat. Also, it has this soft texture that doesn't make it stick to your arms or move when you don't want it to. It is also easy to keep in a smaller space as you can fold it as you want and as soon as you unfold it, it will be back to normal. Personally I don't fold it because I leave it 24/7 on my nail desk and I do think it looks beautiful there.

Hope you could take advantage of my review.
Love, K.

Mani Swap with an amazing nail artist!

janvier 25, 2017

'morning sweeties,
So today I didn't have any new nail art or review for you but I still felt like sharing something so I decided to share with you guys a Mani Swap I did with Erika, or @Rikkinails as you might know her, a while ago.

This was particularly a challenge and I think it is safe to say it was one for both of us, giving the fact that most of our nail art are not the same style at all. I am much more into stamping and she is amazing at freehand designs. I do have do say I hadn't done any freehand in a long time when I recreated her design and I really felt rusty on it.

So here's our recreations along with our originals!  Hope you'll like it!
Love, K.


Are gel polishes lifesavers?

janvier 20, 2017

'morning nail beauties!
In the last couple days I was happy to finally receive the one-step UV gels I had ordered from the Born Pretty Store. I ordered 3 mostly basic colors to start with and I can tell you I am not disappointed! I do think that most of us have busy lives and when it is time to paint our little canvas, ANYthing around can ruin any beautiful manicure, even if you've been doing it for hours. Life in general has no pity for nails that are not dry. If it is not a cat hair, you just ruin it all trying to put some order in the house... ANYthing can possibly go wrong when your nails are not dry. That is why I think more and more companies should go for creating gel polishes. They are from far THE most convenient polishes for a busy lifestyle, due to their magical dry time.
After trying Born Pretty gels, I do think that I am going for extending my gels collection. They look so pretty and flawless, and I even think they are easier to apply comparing to regular polishes.

For now, the polishes I got are the black (Item #24343), the white (Item #24316) and the gold (Item #24349) one-step UV gels. I haven't tried the white one yet, but I am thinking of growing my collection and sharing all the swatches with you guys.

...because I couldn't wit to try them out I came out with a very straight forward manicure and completed it with a simple stamping design, using the same company's gold stamping polish.
On that note, I leave you with these pictures, with and without the stamping, of the manicure.
...And to answer the question, gels are definitely lifesavers!

Love, K


Stepping into the piCture pOlish world

janvier 11, 2017

You probably all know the BEAUTIFUL brand which all the best artists in the nail art world use, yes, I am talking about piCture pOlish! As I showed you more or less a month ago, I found a couple nail art companies which ship for free to Canada and on top of that, I am a lucky girl and I got gift card from these stores from my amazing and lovely family! This being said, I was able to try some of those pages out and I got myself some of the piCture pOlish I had been dreaming about for a long time already.

Before showing you the swatches of the beautiful colors I got, I need to share something I think is really important and deserves to be shared with everyone... HARLOW & CO. is from far THE best nail polish company I have experienced so far! I am really grateful. The costumer service is impeccable and if you live in Canada shipping is extremely fast. Who doesn't like to get their thing fast? So, if you want to order nail polish from an online company, trust me, Harlow & Co. is the one you want to order from. (Link to the store below)

So now let's get to the swatches. Down here are the pictures of the swatches I did of my new piCture pOlish collection. The name of each shade appears clearly in the pictures. I'd like to know which one is your favorite. Please tell me in the comments.

Link for the Harlow & Co. store:

Direct link to the piCture pOlish page:

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