Shiny Sky In The Cold Weather

décembre 01, 2017

Hello hello loves,

               Today I have another nail art design for you... again, thinking of the cold weather. I just felt inspired by the cold blue sky in the winter, when you can see all the stars shining on the snow. 

               First thing, it had been a long time since I had done a gradient and let alone the results I would get when I used to do gradients as the base of a manicure. Now I received a while ago from the amazing Debbie of Clear Jelly stamper this cute little spongy wand and I had been wanting to try it out ever since so yesterday was the time.

              I started with two coats of Bio Seaweed Gel's ''Daydreamer'' on the whole nail and then came the Dab Dab with the magic wand and I chose BSG's ''Cool Blue'' for it. It was my first time trying a gradient like this one and really that Clear Jelly Stamper's ''Double-Ended Sponge Wand'' made it so much easier to achieve! Then, I added a little bit of BSG's ''Mystical'' which is the most beautiful blue-ish holo I have seen... to the tip of each nail.

               To finish the cold starry night look I was going for, I used my favorite plate right now, the same one I used in my previous mani; ''Diamonds In Ice'' from Clear Jelly Stamper. Using their Big Bling XL stamper with their stamping polish in ''Jenny's Gonna Love It''.

Hope you like the result!
Love, K.

Use my code KAYSPOLISH on Bio Seaweed Gel's and Clear Jelly Stamper's website for:
BSG: 10% off and a free gel bottle of my favorite color ''Salmon Pink'' ( www.shopbioseaweedgel.com / www.shopbioseaweedgel.ca )
CJS: 10% off your whole purchase ( www.clearjellystamper.com / www.clearjellystamper.ca )


Girly Snow Day

novembre 29, 2017

Hey loves,

               did some fun nail art yesterday and just felt like sharing it with you! Like some of you might have noticed, in some places in Canada (like here in QC)... we got our first real snow this week so it got me into a snowflake mood. I just put my hands in the drawer and came up what came up.

               For the base shade, I used Bio Seaweed Gel's ''Rosebud'' from their 3Step line. Of course, along with their Base-1 base coat and No Wipe top coat. Then I started playing with stamping. I did a first coat of snowflakes using Clear Jelly Stamper's ''Sweet Baby Rose'' with different shapes of snowflakes from their ''Diamonds In Ice'' stamping plate... I mean, LOOK at the gorgeous details! Then I went on and gave it another coat of stamping with the same snowflakes (slightly next to the first coat) but with the BEST white stamping polish on the planet; ''Jenny's Gonna Love It'', also from Clear Jelly Stamper. Now I could have let it like this but wanted a little bit more of holo sparkles so I went on and added some tiny little details with Bio Seaweed Gel's ''Whimsical''. 

Hope you liked this little piece of art... hehe I was kind of proud of myself!
Love, K.

Use my code KAYSPOLISH on Bio Seaweed Gel's and Clear Jelly Stamper's website for:
BSG: 10% off and a free gel bottle of my favorite color ''Salmon Pink'' ( www.shopbioseaweedgel.com / www.shopbioseaweedgel.ca )
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Artistic Nail Design 's Holiday Hangover Collection

novembre 18, 2017

woohoo! New Holiday collection aboard!

I am happy to introduce you to Artistic Nail Design 's new Holiday Collection! Yayy! Six gel and lacquer shades full of glitters and cheerfulness! ...and first off, if you have been looking for any glitter polish that will give you absolute FULL coverage in only two coats well my loves, you have just found it! All the shades from this collection have proven to have an excellent formula (only two coats for most of them), very effective and of a great quality. Of course, they are all festive shades... all you need for this year's holidays. So I won't make you wait anymore... here come de colors!

What the Elf?

One of my favorites of the collection here, this gorgeous glittery Christmas tree green is super pigmented and the formula is super easy to apply and this polish shines a whole lot. I love it.

Let's Get Blitzin'd

Also in my top three of the six shades, this is a very rich deep glittery brown, just perfect to fit with all your beautiful Holiday outfits. Also super pigmented and slides perfectly on the nails.

This Girl Sleighs

Golden goodness of the collection, ''This Girl Sleighs'' is I would say a pure gold tint, perfect for some of these glittery nails, both if it is for a whole mani or your accent nails. Two to three coats, depending on how you like it, and you are good to go!

Up To Snow Good

Maybe the least pigmented and opaque one of all but being the silver one it is perfect. This way, you can use a thin coat of it to add on top of another color, or use several coats of it to get an opaque look. Again, really smooth application and great formula.

Bah Humbug

Ok, THIS is, out of the whole collection, my absolute favorite! It has this nice deep blue color, perfectly combined with the glitter. The application is super smooth and it has this amazing opaque formula with which you definitely not need more than two coats.

Mrs. Claws

Now to the last one but not the least, a beautiful red HAS to be part of any Holiday collection. Also, just like the previous one, this is a really opaque glitter polish and great formula. Love it!

Now this is it for Artistic Nail Design's Holiday Hangover Collection. So as I had mentioned they are all great glitter shades and perfect for this coming Holiday season. Hope you enjoyed! Let me know which of these is your fave color in the comments!

Love, K.


Pink Gellac's New Uncovered3 Collection

novembre 06, 2017

Good evening ladies and gent...

              in the last days, I was a busy bee swatching this beautiful new collection for you guys... Pink Gellac is a gel polish brand from the Netherlands and they have beautiful shades for you this fall...

               Without waiting one more second, here are the 7 shades that are part of the Uncovered3 collection. These seven colors are all quite pigmented and would normally be great in just two coats. Of course, someone who does really really thin layers might want to give it a third coat to make sure everything is fully opaque (with the exception of ''Shimmery Mauve'' which is, to me, the most pigmented shade of the whole set). 

               Now to look at one at a time, the first shade is ''Dusty Rose''. It is a soft and creamy baby pink, plus it has this extremely subtle touch of shimmers of the same color in it. Then comes ''Soft Purple'' which is a 100% creamy, greyish purple shade. The third one is ''Shimmery Mauve'', previously mentioned for it being very pigmented. It is also a deep purple shade full of beautiful pink shimmers. Now the last one of the first row is ''Neutral Lila''. Again, a fully creamy shade that is more like a purple-y nude shade, perfect to fit any of your outfits. Next, we have ''Peony Pink'' which happens to be another one of the shimmery shades, this time being a deep fuschia with purple shimmers. Then we have ''Creamy Mauve'', and as stated in its name, it is a really creamy polish, being more of a soft burgundy color. To finish with ''Berry Red'' which could be described, in my opinion, like a cherry deep creamy red.

               I hope you liked the colors as much as I did and any thoughts I'll be happy to hear your comments! Leave 'em below and talk to you soon!

Love, K.


MoYou London Haul

septembre 06, 2017

Hey loves, 

          A couple weeks ago I was very happy to get in contact with the amazing Christine, who is the person behind the Canadian MoYou London retailer at www.moyoulondon.ca . I mean isn’t it amazing to have the MoYou products closer to us? Makes it even more convenient, easy and fast to get our goodies.

          I also encourage you to go follow them on the new Instagram page @moyou_canada which will be showing off amazing products and inspiration using the MoYou London products. By tagging #moyoucanada they can see your creations and share them with the world. Also, use the same tag in your MoYou London nail mail photos!

          I was then blessed with some amazing nail mail from them and cannot wait to try everything, I am a bit limited since a lot of work came up with the beginning of the new school year having to plan for the kiddies but my designs with these babies will come very soon!

First off, my nail haul which is just so so amazing…

          In this amazing haul came several beauties… Starting with the Magic Workshop which is a silicone mat which allows you to create amazing decals and reversed stamping designs. Then we have their 3 in 1 super clear stamper which can be used as a magnifier as well, and their watermelon cuticle guard along with their clear top coat. For the stamping colors we have Classic Lipstick, Blue Jay, White Knight, Falcon, In The Nude and Mango Tango which all look amazing. The stamping plates I chose are Trend Hunter #11, Typography #03, Hipster #06, Minimal #03 and Tropical #23.

Hope you like this nail mail as much as I do!

Love, K.


Infinite Nail Art Options

août 29, 2017

Not long ago I did a post about the amazing nail mail I got from Clear Jelly Stamper which literally made me fall in love with this brand! Plus, I will never say it enough... Debbie, the founder of Clear Jelly Stamper is amazing and you are always sure you'll get an AMAZING customer service with her.

Now that I had some more time to play with the goodies a bit more... I could see that even more than I thought before, possibilities are really endless! When they say you get designs on your nails just like a professional painter would do with no effort or time... It is no exaggeration at all. I could never imagine having such detailed and flawless designs on my nails, so easily. That is the beauty of their layered stamping plates...

Now let's take a look at a couple of examples I came up with so far...

See how you can make everything look just like a perfect famous painter's reproduction? That is what you can expect from your own self with these products...

I could keep talking about it for a long time but what you really want to do is to try it!

Have a great day loves!
Xx   K.

Direct link to the Clar Jelly Stamper store:  https://www.clearjellystamper.com/


An App To Organise Your Polish Collection

août 21, 2017

Disclaimer: This article goes to all of you polish addicts like me who, according to others, have way too many nail polishes, even though we know we never have enough ;) hehe. 

          We all started with almost nothing and could remember by heart every single shade we owned, but let's be honest, the stash is growing and memory can fail when you want to remember the shades you have or not. To my great surprise, thanks to a nail friend, a couple days ago, I came across the ''SNUPPS'' app. The perfect platform to organise and have easy access to your whole polish collection!

          I was really not sure about it until I really started to put my collection up on it. You can create different shelves to sort your shades by brand or collection or however you want, then get all the shades in order inside their shelf. Another thing you can do, which I like, is you can follow fellow nail addicts and see their whole polish collection too. 

         Personally, I got my shelves organised mainly by brands, or brand and lines. I also started listing my stamping plates. I also think it is greatly satisfying to be able to see your whole collection altogether instead of having to only see each part of it in its respective drawer. hehe. What's amazing is when you want to order new goodies, it is easier and faster to see which ones you already have or not, to make sure you don't order doubles. Another great feature is it can be accessed both from your computer and your cellphone.

I'm telling you, give it a try!!! It's a great app!!!

Love, K.


Getting The Carnival Onto Your Nails.

août 16, 2017

          A while ago I got some amazing Bio Seaweed Gel nail mail and in it was this amazingly colorful collection which was last summer's collection but is still completely on trend and has the perfect Summer shades. Yup, you guessed it, I am talking about the Carnival collection.

          If you are following a couple nail artists on Instagram you cannot not know about the amazing and super talented nail tech Kandi Yamz, who is the artist who collaborated on this collection. If you are not following her yet, you absolutely want to go see her work! ( @kandiyamz )

          The colors of the collection are part of the Bio Seaweed Gel Unity line which has both base and top coat included into it and it also is made with the Solarcure technology which allows the gels to cure under direct sunlight... Isn't it fun? ...and let's not forget the fact that these polishes, just like all the BSG products, are harsh chemicals free and safe for your kiddies to be around. Now without waiting one more second, here are the swatches of the beautiful colors of the Carnival collection.

Don't forget if you want to get you Bio Seaweed Gel goodies with 10$ discount, use my code KAYSPOLISH on their website www.shopbioseaweedgel.ca (No minimum purchase).
Pros also get a free top coat by using my code with any order of 100$ or more.

Hope you liked it!
Love, K.


Pure Canadian Amazingness !

août 09, 2017

          At the moment when you think you have tried all types of products and that you now have found your favorite ones... Well, let me tell you another brand came in to break all the records! I am talking about the one and only Clear Jelly Stamper!

          I tried it for the first time a couple weeks ago and I have to say they are an absolute game changer! Not only do they have amazing products, which I will show you in a second, but what makes Clear Jelly Stamper even more special is that they, or should I say Debbie Duxbury, is the one who invented the technology of clear head nail stampers as well as the layered stamping plates which allow to create amazing colored images without having to use a reverse stamping technique which is very time-consuming and I personally am really bad at it.

          As a Canadian nail artist, I cannot help but take pride in the fact that such an amazing product came out of a Canadian mind!

          Now let's get to the nail mail I was absolutely BLESSED to receive from the lovely Debbie. When I got my haul, I did this small video to show the beautiful goodies I got from her and I am sure you will love them as much as I do!

First are the super beautiful and colorful stamping polishes that you can get in two different formats out of Clear Jelly Stamper's website ( www.clearjellystamper.com ) they have all the colors both in 5ml or 10ml and they are really affordable and of an incredibly good quality! On top of that, these stamping polishes are Big 5 Free so no harsh chemicals in them and I am not scared to use them with baby boy in my belly. <3

The colors are the following:

- #1 ''More Like One AM''
- #2 ''Jenny's Gonna Love It!''
- #5 ''Wild Child''
- #8 ''You Are My Sunshine''
- #10 ''Gotta Be Blue
- #11 ''Dolla Dolla Bill'' 
- #12 ''Glee Tree Green''
- #16 ''Shiraz!''
- #22 ''Clementine''
- #35 ''Paula's Pixie Purple''
- #37 ''Caribbean Dream''
- #41 ''Sweet Baby Rose''

          Then come the cute small square and bigger rectangular layered plates. Here the one word you want to remember is ''layered'' which means these plates will let you get the result of a flawless reverse stamping without the time-wasting and the high chances of smudging the whole thing. That is what makes these plates so amazing and unique because personally I haven't seen others like that and I love them! In other words, Clear Jelly Stamper has the solution to easy and
perfect nail art results.

Plates are the following:

- CJS V-04 (Layers Of Love)
- CJS-35 (Sunshine)
- CJSLC-09 (Oh Canada)
- CJSLC-13 (Rose's Floral Garden) - Collab with Thalia's Nail Tales
- CJS-38 (Tropical)

          Next up. The ''Holy Grail'' of stampers as a nail friend, Elena of @NailExperiments would say. The Big Bling XL stamper. Guys I am not exaggerating this stamper picks up perfectly EVERY, SINGLE, IMAGE! I am truly stunned at how amazing it is on top of being so pretty with the bottom of it full of jewels. 

Now this absolutely cute French mani double-sided brush.

          To finish with the BEAUTIFUL stamping plate holders... I mean who doesn't love some cute holo goodies! Here are the ''HoloGorgeous'' to hold the square plates and the ''HoloStunning'' to hold the large stamping plates. I have to say I love them both and most particularly the one for the large plates, for the way the plates get in there from the top and they do not slip out at all.

So here we are loves, I cannot say how grateful I am for this company and its products to exist as they are amazing and I do believe that once you go for them, you cannot go back. Hope this article helped you to know a bit more about Clear Jelly Stamper.

Love, K.


Artistic Nail Design ''BAYWATCH'' 2017 Collection

juillet 29, 2017

I know maybe some of you might have seen it already in the swatches page but just thought I'd make a small post of it here for those who haven't. So YES it took me time because school was crazy at the time I got this beautiful Artistic Nail Design collection and I had my head buried into piles and piles of grading. But here it is... the ''Baywatch'' collection which I have to say does go pretty well with the movie. Colorful and vivid, perfect for a summer collection. Also I'll give them an AWARD for the amazing names they gave to each shade... They are simply perfect!

To start from left to right, we have ''Resting Beach Face'', ''Off Duty'', ''Baes Of The Bay'', ''Little Red Suit'', ''Summer Crushin' '' to finish with ''Sun's Out, Buns Out'' !

Hope you love these shades as much as I do <3
Love, K.


''No fake nails for me!'' - they say

juillet 27, 2017

     We have all heard that sentence from someone, even followed by the statement: ''They are beautiful but then my real nails end up being ruined!''. Just do not deny it, you or a friend have said that or still believe that... Even I remember saying that before having any nail and products knowledge. The purpose of this post is to explain why it happens and why it should not be true.

     The first thing to take into consideration is the nail prepping your nail tech will use. For example, if they drill your nail plates too much, well... it weakens your natural nails. Another thing is the products that are used. The more natural the better. In my own opinion, gel is the best option! Once you have your gorgeous nail extensions on, one of the biggest mistakes you can do is to start picking at them as soon as there is a little chip on it. THIS is what ruins your nails the most even if you have the best nail tech and the best products so, please... PROPER removal is key! Have your nail tech remove your precious extensions if you are not sure how to do it yourself. 

     Now back on the product. I know I always talk about the same but hey they are the best what can I do? Want the best and most importantly healthiest products on your nails? Then Bio Seaweed Gel is what you need to get! They really are THE healthiest option of all with no harsh chemicals and no glued tips. As pregnancy has my nails super weak and they break with nothing lately, just as they were the right length, two of my superstar nails broke down to the nailbed, meaning no swatches for like a month. You can guess it was a big no no! So I armed myself with my war instruments and got my magic builder X out.... Actually, this time I decided to use both the pink and clear builder X (first time trying it this way and love it!). For the two fingers I had to sculpt, I wanted a very natural look so I used the pink Builder X to build the tip of the nails and then the clear one for the rest and I have to say I am IMPRESSED! Nails look super natural and I know for a fact that the products I have on will not ruin my nails as long as removed properly! (ps: Do not mind my super transparent and yellowish pregnancy nails hehe just appreciate the wonders Builder X can do! )

That was all for this post lovelies! Hope you enjoyed and got something from it! 
Love, K.

You can get you builder X with 10$ off by using my code KAYSPOLISH on www.shopbioseaweedgel.com


Ella & Mila - BonBon Collection

juillet 15, 2017

OMG. I cannot believe I had not shared with you the swatches of this AMAZINGLY beautiful collection I got from Ella & Mila! I was lucky enough, in March, to receive and swatch the whole BonBon collection from them and here are the swatches, just for you! The colors are amazingly opaque and mostly creamy which make me love them even more. Take a look for yourself!

Now the collection holds a total a 12 gorgeous shades that are in the pictures in order from left to right, top to bottom;
Limoncello, Dessert Island, Mocha Dreams, French Kiss, Sweet Tooth, Pucker Up, Sugar Puff, Midnight in Paris, Dulce Amor, Late Night Tart, My Baby Blue and Pistache.

Hope you like them,
Love, K.


The #1 Gel Polish Brand In Europe!

juillet 11, 2017

Wow, now I don't know where to start but I do have to say a super long while ago I got the chance to speak with the amazing Mees at Pink Gellac and she generously sent me some shades and products to review... I feel so bad that I hadn't had time to finish the swatches and now they are here!

First of all, the package, even if coming from the Netherlands, came super fast and was packed in a super cute way... I still keep the box because I just love it! It came with a very practical lamp to cure the gels which I love because it is small enough to fit anywhere I need to bring it but it is still big enough for not having to stick all the fingers together. Then cam all the items; Primer, Base, Top, along with four beautiful coulours and a bunch of little accessories like a cleaner, orange sticks, wraps and lint free papers. 

Now I got to swatch these beautiful colors and even made some art with some of the colors! 
In order, I got the colors Tropical (#156), Candy Pink (#158), Intergalactic Purple (#162) and Burgundy Red (#205). 

For the nail art, you know how I love stamping and that is what I did. The colors used for the art are in the same order, the last 3 shades. For the stamping, I used plates from Ejiubas and the Born Pretty Store. The stamping polishes used are all from the Born Pretty Store.

Can't wait to get some more goodies from pink Gellac because they are truly easy to work with and the colors are gorgeous!!!

Now that the swatches and art are all shown, I wanted to tlk about a little something that happended to me with those products. Now everything arrived here in perfect condition, except for the top coat which I was so sad about, but what I didn't know about was the Pink Cleaner that came in the package. This stuff if litterally MAGIC! After writing a little email they told me to use it and WOW! What a great surprise! My top coat had arrived with its brush super stiff and all dried up. I just had to wipe the brush with some pink cleaner and a lint free paper and DONE the brush was as good as new and is now working wonders! Seriously thank you Pink Gellac!


Bio Seaweed Gel New Collection | Swatches | Decadent Classics

juillet 04, 2017

It is finally here and I finally got a little time to swatch them all!!! So as promised, I am bringing you the very last baby of my nail family Bio Seaweed gel, the Decadent Classics collection which, as mentioned before, contains eight beautiful colors inspired by the most popular women names along the last decades and interestingly enough, they are also names of the women in the amazing family who started BSG in the very first place.

So starting from the bottom center of the following image going like a clock, we have Hellen (#1001), Betty (#1002), Elaine (#1003), Patricia (#1004), Mary (#1005), Amy (#1006), Jessica (#1007) and Sarah (#1008). You can get yours directly by contacting me by email (katryn@bioseaweedgel.com) or on their website (www.shopbioseaweedgel.ca) and either way, using my code KAYSPOLISH will make you save 10$  (or give you a little surprise if you're a pro).

Now let's get to the real swatches...

They are all creamy glossy shades that are to my complete happiness highly pigmented! So not a lot of coats are needed. Loving all these shades with all my heart! Hope you will too!

Love, K. <3

bio seaweed gel

New Collection Coming Up

juin 12, 2017


I know I know it has been like for EVER since I last posted here but hey! I have some great news for all of you nail polish lovers! Bio Seaweed Gel will be coming up with a brand new collection this week! I will be receiving it very very soon and will update you with the swatches of it.

Their new collection coming up, called Decadent Classics contains eight BEAUTIFUL colors which you can get either in gel, in regular lacquer or why not both? Each color was named after the top names given to women from each decade which makes this collection even more empowering and significant! <3 Plus, if you haven't tried Bio Seaweed Gel yet, it is THE moment to try the best gel polish company in the world! ....I do have to say it is a family business and they have THE best customer service EVER!

Okay, I'll stop making you wait here are the sneek peeks of this amaznig collection. Also, don't forget you can get all your BSG goodies either through me ( katryn@bioseaweedgel.com ) or directly on their website (here: https://shopbioseaweedgel.ca/collections/colour-collections/products/3step-beyond-decadent-classics-collection ) and save 10$ by using my code KAYSPOLISH . Professionals, you also get a little something extra with my code.

...also, stay tuned to be the first to put you hands on THE Decadent Classics! <3



Sparkle & Co. Gold Chrome Powder

mars 27, 2017

Good morning to all of you sparkly people of the nail world!
I have some great products to show you today! A couple days ago I had the chance to receive a sample of Sparkle & Co. Gold Chrome Powder and now is the moment to show you the result of it and I have to say it is gorgeously shiny.

Steps to follow:

1. Apply Sparkle & Co. base gel and cure.
2. Apply Sparkle & Co. Black gel color and cure.
3. Apply Sparkle & Co. Top gel and cure.
4. Clean the surface of your nails with rubbing alcohol.
5. Rub the gold chrome powder on the nails with the gel applicator.
6. Remove the excess powder with a small brush
7. Apply Sparkle & Co. Top gel and cure.

Now I want to make things clear as it is possible the you will not get that perfect shiny result at first and it is normal. The last 4 steps of the process might have to be done twice for a better and full coverage.

My final word about their gold chrome powder is that the result is amazing and it really is easy to apply. I really enjoyed using it!

Hope you liked it too!
Love, K.

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