Giveaway Prize From Ejiubas

décembre 20, 2016

Good evening lovely nail art lovers!

I am TREMENDOUSLY happy to say that I am one of the lucky winners of an AMAZING giveaways that Ejiubas ran for the last Black Friday. I was really happy to get to win something but after seeing what these guys sent me I feel even luckier. This 'Nail Mail' is from far THE best and most generous I have ever got! Look at how wonderful it is!

 The package contained a beautiful silicone nail art mat which came in its cute little bag. Then there is this amazing pouch full of high quality nail art brushes as well as those cute silicone brushes. It also come with tweezers and scissors. On top of all that, they even included two STUNNING stamping plates along with a set of nail vinyls!

Here are the detailed articles which came in the package:
 This little high quality pouch came with beautiful nail art brushes, tweezers, small scissors as well as a stamper and a scraper, all marked with ''Ejiubas''.
 Those are the two GORGEOUS sets of fake nails that are just perfect for someone who doesn't have long nails but want to have them for a special occasion. 
 Here it the silicone mat that is perfect no to stain your nail art table. I also love the fact that it has black and transparent spaces as well as a space to calculate the length. I think its little pouch is just so cute and perfect to protect your mat whenever you want to bring it with you. 
 1, 2, 3, 4.... NO! There are actually 8 BEAUTIFUL stamping plates here because those plates are all double-sided! There is one flower-themed, one plants and leaves-themed one for Halloween and one for Christmas. It is truly everything you need! Thy are huge and all have tons of gorgeous designs.
 Beautiful set of double-sided nail art tools. On one side, you have all sorts of different silicone brushes, which is perfect because I was just about to buy some. Then, on the other side, you have different sizes of dotting tools.
That is only half of the nail vinyls which came in the package. They all came with different patterns and I am specifically happy for that because I have never tried using vinyls so far so guess who's going to have fun during the holidays? 

I am truly excited about trying out all there AMAZING goodies and I will keep you posted with my review of them all! 

Love, K.

ps: To have a look at their products, I invite you to go to

Is she going to save my nails?

décembre 07, 2016

Good morning ladies!
After the deep sadness of my nails breaking up like if they didn't care about my mental health, there is now a new light to the situation! One of my friends and colleague has her own company of natural products and she just concocted a magic nail nutrition potion just for me. I am really excited about it!
Only the smell of it would make you fall in love with it. It has this delicious minty citrus smell that I LOVE! I have been using it for only two days now but I will definitely be keeping you posted with the result of it!

Tragic Nail Breakage

décembre 02, 2016

Yeah.. so.. emm.. Good afternoon to all!
Has it ever happened to you? I suppose it did. MAJOR BREAKAGE ALERT. It had been more than a year that I hadn't had shorties but now my fingers are crying! I had been fixing my broken nails for a while already but last night they just didn't survive and I had to cut them ALL. I work a lot with computer keyboard and gee the feeling is so awkward that I would almost say it hurts. On the other hand, it did give me a great idea because... mama always told me to see what's positive in every situation. First, starting with fresh nails with no glue on it can't be bad for one's nails. Second, I will do a test for you as to how long it takes to get my nails as long as I like to have them.

I already applied a nourishing nail polish I had from Sally Hansen to see if it may help a bit. It is a polish from their Maximum Growth Plus collection. I am also applying a bunch of Essie's apricot cuticle oil every now and then. Someone please help! I wants my nails back!

Hopefully they'll come back soon enough! In the meantime, I'll try to show you guys a couple ''short nails'' designs...

With love and HOPE...

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