Sèche Vite in stores in Canada!

novembre 23, 2016

OVER-EXCITEMENT  ALERT! I just found the famous, the one and only, Sèche Vite is sold in my local drugstore!!! I don't know for the other provinces but for the province of Quebec.. Guys just head up to Uniprix!!!

I normally don't go to that drugstore because it is not as near from my home as Jean-Coutu or Shopper's Drugmart but I just happened to hang in there and I saw, for the first time, the Sèche brand in front of my very own eyes! Unfortunately there were different Sèche polishes, Uv, not UV Clear etc... but NOT the Sèche Vite I was so excited about. :( So that is when that amazing lady came and opened the drawer which contains their extra stock and HERE IT WAS! Sèche Vite was there, looking at me, saying ''bring me home!'' .... You guessed it, I couldn't resist. The fact that there was only one bottle was definitely a sign.

On that happy note, I'll definitely be giving you notices of me trying it out for the first time!
Have a good day lovelies!

Love, K.

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