Receiving a giveaway prize!

novembre 26, 2016

I don't know for you guys but winning a nail related giveaway makes me feel like if had won the lottery! Not long ago, the Born Pretty Store ran a giveaway on Instagram to which I participated by sharing a picture and adding a hashtag... you know the drill. They where giving out a beautiful Christmas stamper. I chose the green silicone head and the black and golden stamp holder.

Honestly I do not regret my choice it just looks stunning! On top of that, they included 2 winter Born Pretty mini card-like scrapers which are very practical and have the perfect amount of flexibility. The stamper itself came in a cute little plastic box which if you get that product on their store (item #36395) I highly suggest you keep. This stamper is qualified as a marshmallow or very sticky if you prefer. If you leave it out there in the air, dust tends to stick to it. On my side, what I do is I always leave it in its little box to avoid getting too much dust on it. 

I have played with it a little bit already and what I can tell you is that it picks up ANY image on ANY plate perfectly and without any effort. Images look flawless on it and it applies the image very well on your nails, specially if you have curvy nails like mine. (I will be showing it in a little while and you'll see it gives amazing results! )

On that note, 
have an amazing day nailart lovers! 


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