For the love of Holo!

novembre 25, 2016

Good morning nail art beauties!
So yesterday I received some nail mail, and some days ago too but the one  from yesterday was special because it contained HOLO!! I will be showing the whole content of my last nail mail in a next post but I am still expecting a couple thingies in the mail so as soon as I get them I'll be posting it up in here.
For now, let's just say I couldn't wait for using that so called holographic magic powder. I know I might be late on the trend but things tend to be slow to get to my cold land haha. So here's the result of my first attempt to holo powder.

To make the long story short, I first tried it to follow the instructions which said that I had to apply the magic powder on top of a non-wipe gel top coat. The result of it was... nothing. the powder would just NOT stick to the polish. So I went with the trial and error and I found the right way to do. I applied the polish to a cured gel colored polish. In my case it was a soft pink one. I am just OBSESSED with the flawless result of it!

To make my little review of the product itself, I really think it is an amazing product which any holo lover should get. It is cheap and of an amazing quality. It is easy to apply and there is no need to use a latex barrier to protect your cuticles because it doesn't stain your skin at all. It just doesn't stick to it. It comes with a gel-ish makeup applicator which work fine and makes the powder easy to apply. On the other hand, I am thinking about getting myself a silicone brush to apply the powder because although good, I do not thing the applicator will last many applications.

The powder I got is item #34011 from the Born Pretty Store and I Highly recommend it.
Link to purchase this item:

Use my code KAYSW10 for 10% off your purchase.

Hope you liked it!
Love, K.

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