Cheers to those nail fail stories

novembre 23, 2016

Do we agree that not all of our experiments when we have billiant ideas of new nail designs turn out as planned? We know that reality doesn't necesarily go along with expectations. That beautiful nailart table of your probably turned out to hell a couple times, covered in cotton balls, polish residues and TONS of acetone. So here's my last nail fail which just happened last night.

It all started with that new stamping plate that came into the mail not long ago. I had been thinking of what to do with it for a while and I finally had the idea I as looking for. The idea was to do sort of a reversed stamping using geometrical shapes and combine shimmers and glitters with creme polishes. I am not the best at reversed stamping so at first I tried a bunch of stampers to see what level of stickiness was best for it. My answer; the more it is sticky, the toughest it will be.

Another thing I tested to contribute to the epic failure my attempt ended up being, was the top coat I applied to my Uber Mat to create the reversed stamping design I wanted. I was so excited to FINALLY try my Seche Vite that I decided to go with it. WRONG! It just dried so fast that it would just unstick from the mat as soon as I tried to stamp on it. At first, I thought it was simply because of my stamper which was the most sticky I own but just the same result came out.

In clonclusion, I just ended up with a full of acetone cotton balls graveyard on my table BUT I do have some nice tips for you NOT to repeat my nail fail....

1. Sticky/Marshmallow stampers, although REALLY amazing for regular stamping, are not the best for reversed stamping.
2. Sèche Vite is NOT made to be the top coat you apply the your mat for reversed stamping.

I hope you could learn from my mistakes and feel free to comment your nail fail stories in the comments!

Love, K.

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