Adding Some Stamping To It.

novembre 28, 2016

Good afternoon lovelies,

I guess you probably remember my attempt at holographic powder. We I just felt it was missing a bit of shapes and contrast. So that is why I decided to add up some stamping to it. I chose a black stamping polish to give the holo all it's place and not let it getting lost under the creme color of the stamping. I thought black was the perfect contrast to make that holographic polish shine.

The material I used was ,of course, the holographic powder I talked about in one of my previous posts, from the Born Pretty Store. I also used their black stamping polish which I just LOVE (item #22322) and the plate, coming from the same store, is plate BP-L026 (item #21812).

I hope you gals like the result!
Love, K.

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