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octobre 23, 2016

         Hey hey beautiful people! For the ones who don't know me, I am Katryn, a 24-year-old high school teacher who also happens to be a nail art addict. I love to share what I know and what I enjoy. I used to have another blog but I quickly realised that my name on social media (Nailstyle by K) was too long for people to remember it so I did a small change and went for a fresh start. For that fresh start, I thought of reposting my magic tips for you to get amazing and healthy nails! 

          I published, a long time ago, the list of my three favourite items for nail care... They really are good tips but I do think that taking care of your nails really is more than that... You might not realize it but a whole bunch of things that you probably do on a daily basis just keep you far from those long and strong nails. Some things are more obvious than others but they are all important. 

1. Do not EVER pick at your chipped nail polish.
          I have to admit that I am more than guilty on that one, and I know it can be very, VERY tempting to do it when you see that a piece of your precious manicure is missing, but just DON'T do it! What happens is that when you pick at your polish

2. Your nails are not TOOLS!
          Once you have grown your nails a little bit, doesn't it just seem SO easy and logical to use your nails to remove some labels or worse, to open the ring of a keychain? Using your nails for those little things which seem so unimportant is just like a horror story for your poor little nails!

3. Biting your nails is a big NO-NO!
            I know that this is a pretty obvious one but I think it is worth mentioning it. Not biting your nails might be difficult because we get stressed and need something to pass our stress on. For that reason, I have a couple suggestions. The first one and the most important: KEEP YOUR NAILS POLISHED! Don't we just love that tip? Also, If you do not have time to get some awesomeness on your nails (Yeah, I mean amazing nail art), at least give it a coat of base and top coat to give it some protection. By having some polish on your nails you'll be a lot less tempted by the idea of biting your nails and ruining the beautiful work of art you got on there. Another thing you may do is to keep something you can play with, like a stress ball, instead of risking your nails' life. A small rubber elastic can be good too, I actually like that one.

4. Stay away from fake nails.
           The reason for me to tell you that, even if a lot of people LOVE to get those magical nails on (which are truly beautiful), is because they damage your real nails A LOT! Maybe you do not know it but your nails need to breathe and acrylic or gel nails do not let them breathe. On top of that, fake nails, by not letting your nails breathe (yeah yeah I know I repeat myself a lot, I have never been good at composing very logical texts), will make your nailbeds a lot more likely to develop very bad guys who we more commonly call: FUNGUS! (da, da, daaaaa : Very dramatic music here). When removing the fake nails, you will also probably end up with very soft nails which will break with almost nothing. In other words, a natural manicure will be much better believe me!

5. Avoid extended exposure to water.
           Unless you are a princess who doesn't know the meaning of the word DISHES, you will definitely need that tip! Well, yeah, we all know that once we are done eating we need to plunge our majestic hands into some dirty hot water in order to clean our mess. Well, I am sorry ladies but THAT is a KILLER for your nails! Letting your nails soaked in water for too long will get them a lot weaker and they will tend to split. Obviously, I am NOT about to tell you that you need to find yourself a slave to clean the dishes... NO! ...but this is where you'll want to plan a small trip to your local dollar store. GET YOURSELF A BUNCH OF RUBBER GLOVES!!! Seriously, they will save your nails from splitting and doing all sorts of unwanted things.

6. Don't forget the base and top coats
          This is pretty simple. When you decide to polish your nails, the most crucial coats are the base coat (Obviously of a base coat polish) and the top coat (Then again, you need to get one from any drugstore or any place where you get your nail polishes). What the base coat will do is first, to protect you nailbeds from all the chemicals of your regular polishes. Also, it will make your manicure adhere a lot better to your nails, so your polish will be less tempted to chip. Your nails will even get less stained by your over usage of nail polish (God knows that is something very annoying that is worth getting rid of). On the other hand,  the top coat is as crucial as the base coat since it is what will make your manicure last long. It will also help hiding any fingerprint or scratches done when your polish was not dry yet. YES! This happens to everyone when your get too excited about your manicure and you want to test if it is dry when it is NOT... Or when you didn't think of planning some drying time and you need to get going and...SCRATCH... So girls, use a top coat every time!

7. Eat Healthy
          You might not have thought about it but whatever you eat will have an impact on your nails. This is a simple advice that will not only help you to have healthy nails but it will also make YOU healthy and this is one of the greatest gifts you can do to yourself.

8. ALWAYS have a nail file with you!
           Always, always, always ALWAYS... did I say always? Every single place you go, you want to have a nail file around. From the very moment you hit one of your nails somewhere you'll be tempted to tear the broken piece out and you just CAN'T do that! this will just weaken your nails and will not let you have hard and beautiful nails. I have nail files literally EVERYWHERE; In every room of my place, in the car, in every single bag I have, at work... and I can really say it is fundamental for keeping nice strong nails.

There you go! Hope those little tips helped you! 

Love, K.

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